Monday, December 7, 2009

Do not go gently into... inputs

While at work this week, acting in the capacity of "good pixie" for one of my team mates (i.e. bound to secretly do nice things for him throughout the day), I threw all the powers of my literary ability at him and wrote a little villanelle, which I thought would brighten his day when he discovered it on his keyboard. Alas, I fear it did not have the desired effect, and that not being a fan or formal poetry he didn't quite appreciate the effort, but I'm proud of it anyway so I thought I'd republish it here for your reading pleasure. I hope that it finds a loving audience somewhere in the Puppet Opera readership:

For those who don't know, the villanelle, is one of the most restrictive forms of formal poetry. You have to give me at least a little bit of credit for writing a tricky formal poem for some dude named Darren, about his tremendous skill at organizing a pile of process flows for an oil and gas client. And by the way, I did it secretly, while keeping up with my regular work. Here's for bringing the irrelevant and overly engineered into the every day.

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