Friday, November 4, 2011

Billy Month-by-Month: 1 Month Old!

Billy the Kid: 1 month old today.

Milestones in his first month include: peeing all over everyone he's met, gaining three pounds of weight, meeting all his grandparents and one auntie, surviving his first trip to a National Trust property, bravely enduring visits to three major museums within three weeks, his first trip on public transportation, his first visit to Kew and riding in the Baby Bjorn to do the school run, and smiling intentionally.

Issy has been a real champ in the big sister department; she's slowly but surely getting better at it every day. Here she is holding Billy for the first time (two weeks ago):
It's hard to believe that four whole weeks have flown past, because it feels like it's been 10 minutes since Billy joined our family. But, there you go! It's been a very busy month!

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