Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

In many ways, I feel sorry for Isabelle. When she said she wanted to go as a fairy for Halloween, I instantly pulled up all my old inspiration files from productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and got designing. No cheap and nasty old tooth-fairy style net for us here; it's either Royal Shakespeare Company or nothing. She's still small enough that I can have a major influence over her costume, and so for 2011, she dressed as a very fabulous faerie in hand-painted shantung silk and dragonfly wings.

Yes, it's overwrought, yes, it's over the top, but to be fair, it's awesome. The dress is made up of a skirt I never wear anymore but love the fabric too much to part with, layered over the tutu she wore for her birthday. The dragonfly wings are store-bought and the glamour is REAL, y'all.

As per usual, we decorated our frightening Edwardian mantelpiece with a family of scary jack o'lanterns, including a new mini-pumpkin for little Billy, who was otherwise too little to really celebrate with us this year. Ah, well. I'm sure he will join in the festivities next Halloween! Hope yours was spook-tacular!

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