Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Childcare 101

Yes, it was only three years ago that we had an infant on our hands, and yes, we should have remembered how to care for a new baby, but the fact is there were a lot of things we have had to re-learn when number two came along For example, how to give him a bath and how to hold him for a bottle feed. Then there were other things, like how to change a boy diaper, that were a total mystery to us, and you wouldn't believe how long it took us to get the hang of it. Please take note of the fact that there are several university diplomas in this household.

Luckily, Graham Richardson has come to the rescue with his set of 28 easy to follow childcare-for-beginners illustrations. For anyone expecting their first child (and yes, I'm looking directly at my brother when I say this), they are a must-read. If you are about to become a parent, I hope you don't actually learn anything from them, but several of them are laugh-out-loud silly and well worth a look. Happy reading.

(image: Did By Graham Experience)

1 comment:

Nina M. said...

The illustrations are pretty cute. I personally like the "Bundling Baby" one the best:)

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