Monday, November 14, 2011

Wish List: Abigail Brown Cardinal

One of the things I never thought I'd miss about moving away from the Midwest is the fierce winters. Yes, crazy I know, but as the weather here turns grey and damp, I am so very homesick for dramatic gusts of snow, dark and mysterious patches of ice, and temperatures that would freeze the marrow of your bones if you ventured out without a coat. And what I really miss, are the visits of the bright red cardinal birds amid the frosty branches, which seem somehow magical and exciting even though they are among the most common birds in that part of the country.

So imagine my delight when I made the recent discovery of textile artist Abigail Brown, who must have the sweetest little sewing basket in all of England. Her charming collection of birds, creatures and butterflies are all hand-made and stitched, using a combination of new and re-purposed fabrics. How sweet! Needless to say, I am head over heels in love with this little cardinal bird, and would love to see him cheering up my mantelpiece year round, not having to fight with the squirrels for sunflower seeds and sitting still for a picture now and again. I like to add a cardinal ornament to my tree every year, so perhaps he will come home with me this Christmas too.

(image: Abigail Brown)

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