Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Mantel: Sugar Plum Village

Last year, I was completely smitten by the glitter Christmas village I discovered over at A Field Journal, but it wasn't until this year that I got around to making them, and I must admit, I'm over the moon with the result. Inspired by the illustrations of Candyland in Isabelle's Nutcracker picture book, I used my miniature glitter houses to make a delicious little sugary winter landscape on my dining room mantel, dominated by the gingerbread house she and I made yesterday. I love it!
Out of shot are some glittered silver branches (next year I might pull them apart and make them into a little glitter forest), yes, the gingerbread house is too big, yes, we need to make a couple more houses just to balance out my composition, and the crazed amount of glitter really didn't come through in the photos, but oh my goodness, this is completely charming. And check it out at night:
Doesn't this just break your heart? I think it looks like somewhere the Sugar Plum Fairy would come home to of an evening, don't you? So sweet!

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