Friday, April 5, 2013

Billy Month-By-Month: 18 Months Old

Oooh! Look who's a toddler! I'm told that 18-months is when most parents stop thinking of their child as a baby, but if you could see Billy's juicy little baby toes, perhaps you would think differently. Alas, this big baby is walking and talking (he's got a tiny little vocabulary that includes "chocolate" and "bon appetit" and "juice" among other choice words; a sad little phrase we caught him repeating this morning was "Nonono Billy. Nonono Billy."), running, and dancing and playing up a little storm. Billy has had his second haircut, and is finally, finally not waking up at 5 AM anymore. Since last month he no longer requires a boost up onto the sofa or to our bed, nor does he have any trouble whatsoever climbing up on to the dining room table. Naughty Billy! Unfortunately we are still getting our exercise by pulling him out of the filing cabinet, off the countertops and from the third shelf up in the library, but I suppose I could look at it as saving money on a gym membership. 

Hooray for Billy!

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