Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh I could write a sonnet...

About your Easter bonnet... If it hadn't been too stinking cold here on Easter Sunday to wear an Easter bonnet! It was cashmere and winter hats for everyone, but Isabelle braved the icy temperatures for a little Easter egg hunt in our back yard while Billy napped under a double-warm blanket in his cozy bedroom. Easter is the best holiday for dressing up, because you can finally chuck away all the old wool and flannel and pull out your candy-colored summer dresses, but to be honest, it's a long way from warm weather here, so we definitely dressed optimistically this year. Hopefully Mr. Sunshine will take the hint and blow some springtime our way.

We had a fun time on Easter this year, mainly through a combination of old family traditions plus a couple of new ones including an Easter egg tree and a chocolate egg hunt in the backyard. One thing about living so far away from loved ones is that even though we miss everyone, we have a lot of opportunities to do our own thing at festive times. So instead of roast lamb, we decided to go for an elegant butquick-to-make dinner to put together right after church, and for dessert a knock-your-socks-off lemon meringue sundae to counteract all that chocolate:
And what a great decision that was! We had dinner on the table in about 30 minutes, so the cranky-factor was low and we could all enjoy the day together, sampling chocolate and watching old movies.

How was your Easter? Did you start any new traditions this year? Do tell.

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