Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Friday: Fun Summer Links

My beautiful Oriental poppy, kicking it 10-inches across this summer! 

Summer in England means embracing every flicker of sunlight (even if it's only 20 minutes or so), never quite being without a cardigan and stocking the bar with fixings for a Pimm's Cup at a moment's notice. So in order to live a little bit of English summer wherever you are, and to help me bring the stars and stripes to my West London backyard, here are some fun links and projects for early summer!

  • Mixing the Perfect Pimm's Cup. Absolutely do not forget the cucumber. 
  • The classic recipe for Perfect American Lemonade. Bare feet optional. 
  • I know some very lucky kids who have summer birthdays. If you do too, check out the delightful party supplies and stationery at Meri Meri. Whether you are in London or Los Angeles, you'll swoon! 
  • Paint your nails red, mix yourself a pitcher of martinis, put on your bathing suit and read a perfect summer novel. Expat author Liza Klaussman's Tigers in Red Weather certainly fits the bill.
  • It's sundress time. Polka-dots for me, thank you. Or maybe run up a vintage style in toile?
  • How much fun would it be to spend a few weeks idling the time away at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin? I love everything about this. My bag is packed.
  • Whether your preferred boys of summer are in cricket whites or Cubby blue, get out there and enjoy a ballgame on a sunny day! Even a sport-hater like me loves a good ballgame and a picnic.
We still have seven weeks of school to get through, but for American kids, summer is just a few days away. How are you planning to spend your summer vacation? We'd love to hear from you! 

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