Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Mondays: Tackle a Nagging Task

She's right. I know she's right. I will be happier if I can just get on top of one nagging task and clear it away like yesterday's eyeliner. But my gosh, there are just so many. The office. My closet. I have a phone call I don't want to make. I should really have had business cards printed weeks ago. I've been meaning to redesign this website for, like, ever. There's a pile of fabric waiting to be made into things. My driving test is on Monday. The less said about my filing and bookkeeping, the better. Waaah. Week Four of the 2013 Happiness Challenge, you are killing me. 

1 comment:

Erbes Kitchen said...

How about grabbing your coat & going for a walk (remember week 2? about exercise) that will hopefully clear your mind make you feel fresher so you can then tackle the tasks ahead - good luck for your driving test!

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