Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sing Me a Level

I learned about this on Radio 3 this morning, and I'm so happy that it exists in the world I just had to share it. Imagine how fantastic the world would be if the terrible service noises we hear every day--the sawing of a telephone busy signal, the beep of a reversing truck, or even the boring ping of an elevator--were more musical. Artist Martin Creed's Singing Lift (2005) at the Royal Festival Hall is a marvelous representation of that idea: each of the building's six levels is represented by an octave in a scale, sung in four-part harmony by the choir of VoiceLab. The higher up the building you go, the higher the notes on the scale. Skip a few floors and the scale goes faster. 

Should you so desire to check it out, the lift is the glass one near the shop, and is quite possibly the only elevator in the world with its own Twitter feed. Floor six!

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