Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Clean: A Fresh Start

hawthorn blossom
Oh man, we've spent a little over a week spring cleaning our house {and still not quite finished... I'm looking at you, old oven.} and garden, and I thought I would give the old blog a once-over too. Gone are the fuzzy backgrounds, pixel-y tiles and my beloved puppet theatre, and in place is a new, blue-and-white springtime look. I am happy about this because the old layout has been with me for about five years, it's easier on the eyes and I'm excited to be able to employ my new Saint Agnes font, but I wish I'd done a screenshot of the old blog, because I don't have those graphics anymore! They are on my old computer, lying dead at my sister's house in Carolina.

Anyhoo, here you'll find all the same old Puppet Opera content we've been featuring for some time, plus a couple of new things that we're working on, and more exciting tales about our life and times here in London. Thanks for reading!

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