Thursday, April 10, 2014

I admit...

Today I:

  • Mismanaged my time this morning and was not able to have coffee before I left the house
  • Walked out the door to two children screaming, "mommy, don’t go! don’t go!"
  • Got shoved on the Tube by a large and pushy non-English-speaking school group who did not realize the doors at that end of the train would not open at Baker Street
  • Looked the wrong way when crossing Euston Road and nearly got flattened by a semi truck
  • Came in to work to find the person I was supposed to be working with had no plans to be there before noon
  • Shivered because it is only 50 degrees outside, but it is April and the heat has been turned off already
  • Spent a couple of hours doing something I don’t know how to do, and don’t understand how to learn
  • Skipped lunch because I had too much to do
  • Discovered that I value my own time about 60% more than my income compensates me for
  • Learned how to write a formula in Excel to calculate gross profit margins {I have a degree in theatre} which is as complicated and boring a task as I have ever completed
  • Was the first one to leave the office {everyone else there is 25 and doesn't have kids, and so I feel like I'm sneaking out every single afternoon}...
  • ...but arrived home late anyway, so I missed eating dinner with the kids, and wolfed down a bowl of cold stew after they had already left the table
  • Read Isabelle's choice of story at bedtime, which was a book of poems on the theme of "I am sorry"
  • Got punched in the face by the baby who did not want another lullaby; proceeded to have him follow me out of the room and then have to plop him back into bed three separate times after I said goodnight
  • Fell asleep in front of House of Cards {which is a show neither one of us really enjoys} for the tenth time in a row
  • Woke up enough to get to bed, too late and too tired to do any reading, or anything else fun

Yeah, I know that it's possible to do it all, have it all, be it all, but on days like today, I really don't want to.

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