Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Working Mommy: What do you do with your legs in Spring?

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Today I'm looking out my window at a typical April day, sunny, but cold. In a fit of optimism I packed away my winter clothes, all the sweaters and chunky tights and knee-high boots, in favor of my lighter swingier Spring wardrobe. A spring wardrobe made up of, largely, skirts.

According to me, one cannot go to work in a respectable place with chicken-skin goosebumps on bare legs. Not only does it look yucky, but its cold to have naked legs in an overly air-conditioned office (topic for another time: why are offices SO COLD?). So the only suitable thing to add to your outfit is a pair of stockings. But which stockings? The old tights-vs.-hose debate is a tough one in springtime, when suntan hose are so deeply uncool, but thick, opaque tights simply do not go with a light springy dress. No, I'm sorry, they just don't.

So I did some web research on this subject, and of course the first thing that came back to me when I typed in "hose vs tights" was a picture of The Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton. About a million pictures, in fact, of the fashion-forward Duchess wearing nude tights.
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I am no lover of the royal family, but I do have to hand it to Kate Middleton, who seems to be the answer for a million workplace fashion questions, and luckily, she looks great in pictures. She always looks appropriate. Not cool. Or rock-and-roll. But Kate in her nude hose looks very professional and ladylike, and that is exactly what you want for work. 

Before you turn away from a discussion about pantyhose, let me just say, as a hose wearer, there are many benefits to pantyhose: they cover veins and other blemishes, they suck everything in, and they prevent blisters even in the most affordable of Target shoes. I think the problem here is that when you think pantyhose, you think L'eggs Eggs {which, by the way, do not even come in those plastic eggs anymore, although their Silken Mist range in black is a winner for dress up occasions}. When Kate thinks pantyhose she clearly thinks sheer, glossy, and flattering shades to be worn with ladylike hemlines, and so should you.

So, working mommy, here is a short list of my favorite nude tights for spring, from the high-end to the very affordable: 
So there you go, lady. Put on your knee-length dresses and twirl. And if I catch even one of you running around without anything on your legs until it reaches 75 degrees, you'll hear from me. 

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