Sunday, November 2, 2008


We were so excited to celebrate Halloween with Isabelle's cousins Katie and Gabriel. We LOVE Halloween! It's our favorite holiday of the year, and we always try to make a big celebration out of it. But it was the first time we were able to take Isabelle trick-or-treating. Even though she only managed to stay awake for three houses, she was the most fearsome lion of them all:

Susan made this lion costume for Katie when she was a little one (she made Katie's witch costume this year too), and must have put hours and hours of work into it. Little Gabriel was too big to be a lion this year, so Isabelle was glad to take it out for a spin. So cute (I think she is secretly hoping to be able to wear the witch costume in a couple of years too)! Gabriel decided to be a little spider this year, complete with eight wiggly legs and a little hat. Charming! Here's Susan and Gabriel trying on his spider hat before the main event:

We have a soft spot for witches here at A Puppet Opera, and Katie was the fanciest witch in the neighborhood.

...but Katie reminded us that even fancy witches shouldn't neglect lawn care.

The whole gang ready to go out trick-or-treating. Katie's treat bucket was huge! She was expecting a major haul.

Here's Dan in his Jedi costume ("Sarah, it's not a costume.") and regulation light saber, trick-or-treating with Katie.

Lions need a little rest now and again!

Decorating pumpkins at the halloween party on Saturday:

Here's the spider pumpkin I helped Isabelle make:

Look how brave Grandma is to hold a lion on her lap!

This little lion was tooooooo hot to keep her mane on all day. Here she is taking a break with Grandpa:

A tiny witch casting a spell:

We love Halloween and are sad that it's over (even though we still have tons of candy to get through)! We are already thinking of a costume for next year.... Goblin, ghoulie or gremlin? We can't decide!

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